Astro Conquest – Attacks and defense of your base

We can carry out attacks from the first ships. Astro Conquest is about taking over others and own defense. Everyone can adopt their strategy or build strong units to attack or turrets and try to defend against others or start with raw materials. I start with raw materials, and you can get them from one place outside the game – READ MORE.

Attacking other players in the Astro Conquest

What we want to achieve is the destruction of the main defense and taking over the base of the opponent. It is not a simple task but we can do it with a well-developed fleet. After the complete destruction of the defense, 50% of the production of raw materials is also destroyed. However, we collect crops in the form of all raw materials that have been left. The enemy can also recover after our attack but it costs 1 TITANIUM. We can warn him, however, by sending our ship to conquer and take over the empty base. Attacks in every game are not easy because we can lose all units in one moment and be vulnerable to attacks by enemies. So charging everyone as if it is without a sensible game. Unless we have unlimited units to create our army because we know that without a properly full warehouse, we do not achieve anything. Such games with enemies are not easy for anyone, so try to rethink your every attack. As this is a strategy game, our thoughts can be so valuable that even the worst enemy can not catch up with us.

How to defend against other players

defend-you-bace-in-astro-conquerAttack is not all we have to take care of so that we do not disappear from the game. It is worth expanding your main defense, we can also do it thanks to Titanium, it costs 9, but the shield is very helpful. However, if we did not have it and we lost it it would be useful to rebuild what we lost. We can do it quickly thanks to Titanium. This raw material is very useful for the whole game, so let’s not forget about it.The defense also includes increasing the range of our turrets.The greater the range, the more damage we do to the enemy before we lose our defense.From the site you can learn a lot more, so I invite you to read. Any defense can be difficult for someone who has just finished their training. So watch out for what you do because you can easily try everything you’ve built so far. Defense always brings losses. As these are not losses in units, they are raw materials, without which we will not do anything. It is difficult to recover them later. Because if we lose individuals and raw materials, we will not increase our army. In the Astro Conquest we are constantly dealing with attacks from various sides, we will even be when others will come for us. You must always be on your guard and not be fooled by your enemies. Because whoever easily approaches quickly loses.

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