Astro conquest – buildings responsible for raw materials and others that need to be expanded


In my opinion, the most important thing in this game is to take care of raw materials, they are very important in the Astro Conquest. We win them thanks to the development of several types of refineries. Each of these buildings produces a raw material. After hovering the mouse, we immediately know why these buildings are responsible. For example, the Molvernit refinery produces Molvernit, which is needed when expanding other buildings at the main station. So when you start building from this building, I think it’s a good decision. unit-from-astro-conquestNext it is worth paying attention to the Fuel refinery. Without it, we will not move our ships and attack our opponents. At the end have been metal refineries and Veriudium. Both of these raw materials are necessary for the construction of a ship, but only Metal is used to create ships. With continuous development, we will need a place in our warehouses. It is not as easy as it might seem, so I recommend different types of hacks for astro conquest. Therefore, we must also take care of the building that will help us in this

Support buildings as an inseparable development factor

Thanks to these buildings, we raise economic points, military points and base points. Military Central is responsible for the army, for each expansion our points will increase by a full 100. Then Ministers raise us economy points by 100. But this is not the only way to get them. We also get them thanks to the expansion of buildings responsible for raw materials and works on the main ship. Base points are gained only thanks to the expansion of Bace Command. It certainly was not an easy decision for anyone who just finished the training. And he was to build one of these buildings or allocate what he has in the warehouses to some raw materials mines. For many, it would be much easier to add a free Tytanium to your account. It does not seem that abstract. Not only you want to win. Therefore, be prepared for fierce battles if you have not experienced them yet.

Other ships that we can build – Astro Conquest

In my opinion, the most important thing in this game is to take care of raw materials, they are very important in the Astro Conquest. astro-conquest-web-gameIn addition to the previously mentioned are also three ships that are circling next to our main ship. One of them is Detector station. Who watches if any ships are approaching us. This station is an appurtenance when defending or when we have a lot of raw materials and we do not want to lose them. The next station is Jammer. She answers instead for covering the battlefield. It gives us a big advantage even if the enemy can potentially crush us with the number of attacking units. The last one that has been left to us is Sensor phalanx. He expands the field responsible for the main base signal.

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