Astro Conquest – First steps after training


If we have already undergone training, we now have access to our main ship. It’s our game with it. It is thanks to him that we get all the raw materials I need for further play. In Astro Conquest there are such raw materials as Metal, Fuel, Veridium, Molvernit and Titanium.

Raw materials in Astro Conquestastro-conquest-free-metal

Thanks to Veridium, we can build ships that will help us with attacks and defense of our base. We need Molvernit to expand the base. Thanks to the expansion of the base itself, we can produce more raw materials. Which will be needed for the entire game. Unless you have an astro conquest hack, then you do not have to worry about raw materials. I will tell you about the rest. We have, of course, Metal which we use at every construction site. That’s why we need it in large quantities. The next is Fuel. The most necessary and very difficult to get. It is used by our ships to navigate the map. We must pay attention to them because when it is over, I will have nothing else but to defend myself against attacks by enemies.

What to build first in the Astro Conquest

At the beginning I would focus on acquiring raw materials and expanding the building that produces them. I was not worried about defense. The time will come, because what will you build ships for and develop everything if there is nothing to do with it? Choosing between buildings with raw materials and buildings that will raise other statistics is never easy. Especially when it comes to such an intricate game as the astro conquest. Probably many wondered whether to first produce a bit of Matal or a little Molvernit. Perhaps some of them were tempted to build a great army first which would crush all opponents and just take away what they need. It was too boring if the choice was so simple that the creators of the game decided that the astro conquest was not for former children only for serious players.

Production and number of bases


Your warehouses are not without limits and can also become empty quickly.You must therefore consider continuous expansion and attacks on enemies. The more bases you have, the better because you can develop faster. You need very good units to take over, but I will tell you about it in the next guide. So I invite you to read further posts. All buildings except those responsible for raw materials are also important because without them we will not increase our storage capacity and we do not change the course of the game. It is difficult when we do not know which one is right for. Then we can find various tutorials in the intrenet that will explain everything to us clearly and clearly. No one will be surprised if the opponent has a better position just because he only developed one building differently from us. That’s why Astro conques is a very cool strategic game that will reach really different receivers.

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